Use Wifi And Hotspot Same Time In Android

How To Use Wifi And Hotspot Same Time Together In Android. 
Hey Guys, Are You looking For Wifi and hotspot at the same time? Yes, You Can Use Wifi And Hotspot at the same time. Many time we have a wifi but, there is a low range of wifi, then you can try this method, this method is not a method of Bluetooth. This method is of one application, that can allow you to connect with a wifi network and also allow to create a hotspot at the same time. Read This Full article To use Wifi and Hotspot Same Time. 
Many Times We Want To Use Others Wifi Network in Our Home, College, Or Anywhere, But There Should have the signal issue then you can try this trick this trick is basically like wifi extender. So without wasting time, start our article about How To Use Wifi And Hotspot Same Time/Together In Android. Many Time We can’t afford Wifi extender, But we can try this application as wifi extender.  
How To Use Netshare Application For Android User. 
1.First of all download Netshare application from google play store. 
2. Open That Application and Give all permission that is required. 
3. Now, First of all connects with wifi network with a password. 
4. Now open net share application. 
5. You can see there is one option, create hotspot network. 
6. Tap on that option, and create a hotspot, still, you’re connected with wifi network. 
7. Now you can see there username and password in that application. 
8. Now open the second smartphone, and open wifi, you can see in there is your pericular_______ network is in the list.  
9. The password is an application. 
10. Enter that password for that wifi network and connect to it. Make Sure Netshare application is installed in your second phone. 
11. Now you can use your wifi internet is in your second Android. 
12. This application is work exactly like wifi extender. So you can use your wifi and hotspot same time. 
How To Use Netshare Application For Windows User. 
1. First Of All, Do All steps as Above, Now You have username And Password. 
2. Now open your Wifi In Windows, and connect to it. 
3. Now, You can use your wifi internet in your windows, for Windows user There Is Do Some setting. 
4.First of all open control panel in your window. 
5. Now You can see there is one option “Network And Internet”. click On That. 
6. Now You Can See There “Internet Options”. 
7. Now there are too many options in a new window, select Connection option. 
8.Where You Can See In Bottom LAN Setting. Click On That. 
9. Now You Can See There Is Use Proxy server for Your LAN. Tick On that Option. And In Adress Enter And In Port: 8282 Then Click on OK. 
10. Now You Can Use Your Wifi Internet In Your Windows. 
I have to Give my Best For This Article, But still, you have any problem to understand then comment below, I will definitely try my best to help you hope you like this article. 


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