How To Hide Image OR Videos Without Any Application.


How To Hide Image OR Videos Without Any Application.

Do You Want to Hide Some Pictures OR Some Videos From Your Friends, Family Or Anyone Else ? Then This Article Is Only For You Guys. Many Of Us We Want To Hide Some Private Photo OR Videos From Other Person  But We Cant Delete It Because We Want To Keep That Image Or Video, But We Want To Only Hide Image OR Video, You Can Hide Any Image OR Video Without Any Application. Yes, Without Any Application.
Here I Have Two Method To Hide Image OR Video From Other Person.
1. First Method Is To Hide Image And Video Without Any Application.
2. Second Method Is To Use Third Party Application.
So Lets Start This Article, Without Wasting Your Time.

How To Hide Image OR Video Without Any Application.

1. First Of All You Need To Open Your File Manager And Go To The File That You Want To Hide.
2. Now Select That File And Choose Rename That Image OR Video File.
3. Now Simply Change That File Type Suppose You Want To Hide Your Image xyz.jpg So You Should Change That File type To Any Thing Else Like xyz.ttt OR xyz.php.
4. Done, Now No One Can See That File In Your Photos. If You Want To Show That Particular Image Then Once Again Change That File Name From xyz.php To xyz.jpg Now You Will Able To See that Image.
5. So, This Trick Is Based On rename File type. Now A Days Most of Smartphone Can Change File type, But If You Cant Rename File type, Then You Should Use Third Party Application to hide your Personal Photo OR Videos.

How To Hide Image Or Video By Application.

Download Galleryvault Application From Play store And Install It.
Open GalleryVault Application Grant All Permission That This Application Need.
Now Set Password And Enter Email For Forgot Password Recovery Option.
Now You can See There Is Plus Icon In Right-Bottom Side To Add Pictures, Videos And Documents.
Simply Add Image OR Video File From Your File Manger. Now Your File Will Hide From Gallery OR Video Player.
If You Want To Open Hidden File Then Go To GalleryVault Application, Enter Your Password, Now You Can See your File In This Application.


So Guys, This Article Is About How To Hide Photo OR Video. If You Like This Article Then Plz Share this Article To Your Friends, Family And Social Media. And Comment Below For Suggestion


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